Souvenir MAG-7 | Silver (Factory New)


Exterior: Factory New

This item commemorates the 2015 ESL One Katowice CS:GO Championship.

It was dropped during the Semifinal match between Virtus.Pro and Fnatic.

The CT-exclusive Mag-7 delivers a devastating amount of damage at close range. Its rapid magazine-style reloads make it a great tactical choice. It has been painted with a chrome base coat and candied in transparent silver anodized effect paint.

There is beauty in simplicity – Franz Kriegeld, Phoenix Tactician

The Cobblestone Collection

Type: Shotgun, Weapon: MAG-7, Collection: The Cobblestone Collection, Category: Souvenir, Quality: Industrial Grade, Exterior: Factory New, Tournament: 2015 ESL One Katowice, Team: Virtus.Pro, Team: Fnatic

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